About Christina Alexa

Born in New Jersey, Christina spent her early years playing in the saw dust piles that littered her father’s basement cabinet shop. When still too young to see over the band saw table, she would climb onto a handmade wooden bench to cut scraps of wood (guided by her father’s hand) to make furniture for her Sesame Street finger puppets. At the age of ten, Christina relocated with her family to New Hampshire where her father, Master Craftsman George Alexa, finally built his dream shop. By the age of twenty she was formally apprenticing with him.

George transferred to his daughter his deep love of the craft as well as his quiet integrity and flawless attention to detail. Ultimately assuming the family business upon his passing, Christina to this day is guided by the memory, spirit and wisdom of her father.

From design and shop drawing to fabrication and installation, Alexa Woodcraft provides custom kitchens, entertainment centers, free standing and built-in furniture and more, commissioned by builders, architects and homeowners. No job is too big or too small.

Email christinaalexa1@gmail.com with inquiries or call 603-707-1612.